Buy and Sell Quickly

Have you ever asked yourself “How can I place my product or service offering in front of my customers?” Are you worried how to reach to your customer quickly? Then the answer is to advertise your products, services and businesses strategically. There are three key ways to reach your targeted customers and find new quickly.

Top Ads

A top ad enables you to reach more customers by being on the top section. Top ads appear on top of the category’s page for several days. Top ads receive more visitor read and replies than other ads because of their position on top. This enables you to buy and sell quicker, and get more exposure for your service.

Featured Ads

Featured ads are eye-catching and distinguishable from normal ads and promote the ad for more visibility. This help to increase the likelihood of a quick sale. Featured Ads make your item or service stand out among the other ads. Featured ads will display on the home/front page as well as being placed higher than free ads in the respective category.

Bump up Ads

Bump up give you extra push you need to find the right buyer/customer for you. Bump up push your add back to the top. When you post an ad after some days that ad will go on the second page or down and you want to show that ad again on the top of the list , then use bump up ad option. Bump up ad will auto update to current date and that ad will again be at the top, meaning after few days your ad will not sink to the bottom.